Slight return

My holiday break turned into an extended hiatus thanks to the arrival of our new son over Christmas. As he gets settled in, and I get used to the lack of sleep, I'll ease back into posting.

In the meantime, just a quick note pointing to some interesting pieces about the Mark Cuban-Stephen Soderbergh film partnership that led to the forthcoming HD film "Bubble." I've written a lot about this, and I'm not alone. The Fast Company blog has an interesting look at recent coverage of Cuban and his digital revolution in theaters and beyond, with particular note given to Cuban's feisty way of responding to the media, in this case the New York Times. Meanwhile, UK paper The Independent asks if "Bubble" will change the way Hollywood does business: "Is it the beginning of the end of the movies as we know them - or does it mark an exciting new departure into an almost unlimited future of digital entertainment?" Those need not be mutually exclusive, of course, and I think that the answer to both ultimately will be "yes." We'll see the latter much, much sooner than the former, but it will happen.


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