Who needs The Man?

This new world of choice is built on a premise: People are willing to seek out their own entertainments rather than rely on corporations to do it for them. That isn't the case with everyone, of course, but enough people are starting to do so that a power shift is clearly taking place.

A story in the Wall Street Journal last week offers evidence. More and more young bands are making a go of it through the word-of-mouth opportunities offered through sites like MySpace.com, actually choosing to forgo major label support in the process. They've heard a generation of bands tell of the ways major labels have left them penniless and without the desire to pursue what they once loved -- most famously recounted by noted musician/producer curmudgeon Steve Albini -- and are seemingly choosing a different path.

It used to be that authors and musicians needed the imprimatur of quality afforded by a major book imprint or major recording label to sell. No longer. That's still the easiest path to success, but not the only.


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